Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is more than people skills. It is the ability to get along well with others and the ability to have them cooperate with you.


Karl Albrecht also identifies the terms Social Halitosis, Social Flatulence, and Social Dandruff.

Social Halitosis

Social Halitosis is equivalent to inauthentic, inconsiderate behavior––conversational bad breath.

This is not directed at sales personnel, as some of these behaviors are part of their job descriptions. It is directed towards those who do not treat people as human beings.

Social Flatulence

Social Flatulence may be defined as insensitivity and lack of situational awareness (or possibly lack of respect for accepted norms of behavior).

This may come from someone who has no respect for accepted norms of behavior.

Social Dandruff

Social Dandruff may be defined as behavior that selfishly imposes one's interests on others.

These people "spray" everyone in sight or within hearing of their views.

These all come from the same thing:

Lack of insight or concern for
one's impact on others.

They represent self-centered, selfish, and self-serving behaviors, those lacking in consideration for others.

Reality Bites has a short bit about bad behavior:


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