Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is more than people skills. It is the ability to get along well with others and the ability to have them cooperate with you.


Categories of Competence

Karl Albrecht has identified five categories of competence:

Albrecht suggests focusing on each element one day per week. However, before you can begin to make improvements with your social intelligence, you must first become aware of how others see you. Albrecht suggests that each person assess him- or herself AND try to get others to assess them as well. However, most people will be hesitant to give you candid feedback. Also, before asking others for feedback, ask yourself if you are prepared to take it.

One way is to use his Adjective Pairs exercise. The value of the results will depend on your honesty (and the honesty of others if you ask them to evaluate you). For each pair of adjectives, circle the number between them to indicate where you are on the scale.

After you have finished, step back and see if there is any pattern.

You may want to focus on one or two adjectives to devote special attention. Then experiment over the next few weeks with behaviors that might modify that behavior.

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