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I am a full-time business and leadership instructor at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon. My main interests include reading, photography, hiking, writing, cooking, and traveling. I am extremely organized and enjoy learning about new places and people.

For decades now, I have been researching my geneology, and I am stuck finding the parents of my great, great grandmother's parents. Records indicate that my relative was of Native American ancestry from northern California; however, because tribes often mingled, she could be from a nearby state. Also, research shows that my relative was working in a hotel as a child, and she was likely part of the slave trade at that time.

My other research relates to my wanted crime ephemera collection. The posters and postcards are quite interesting, and I intend to research and write about Ventura County Sheriff E. G. McMartin because he seems fascinating. McMartin was a sheriff for 20 years, and he died in the line of duty.

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