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Summer term, I am teaching:

  • BA 280, Cooperative Work Experience
  • LD 133, Workplace Culture (hybrid)
  • LD 150, Cultivating Self-care (hybrid)

Iím an avid, life-long learner dedicated to the research and college-level instruction of educational technologies, course delivery tools, electronic pedagogies, service learning, and business practices in the networked world. I have enjoyed a long history of being an undergraduate instructor within two-year, four-year, and career/technical programs as well as providing volunteer service and professional development to service organizations, such as the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and the Boy Scouts of America.

I am committed to motivating students to find their passions and reach their potential. I seek to increase access to education and improve student's ability to succeed through my research, professional development service, and the courses I teach.

To learn about my experience, please read my curriculum vitae.

To understand my views on instruction, please read my Philosophy of Education.

*The link for my virtual office is:
(You will need to download the Zoom program the first time.)

Velda Arnaud, Ph.D.
Business Technologies Instructor

Office: M-4C
Email: (preferred form of communication)
Voice Mail: (541) 278-5740

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