My father's side of the family

Oliver Wilcox
Oliver Wilcox, my great, great grandfather
    Mary Jane Dugar
Mary Jane Dugar, my great, great grandmother
The following are family, but I am not sure about names.
Uncle Sylvester
    More family
Aunt Vina/LaVina (Sylvester's twin)
and my Great Grandmother
Grama Mary and Slyvester     Grama Mary and Sylvester
Aunt Rosie Mae (my great grandmother's sister) and her family
These are of my great grandmother, Marie (or Mary as some called her) Wilcox Purdue White
Grama White
My great grandmother as a little girl
    Grama White and Velda
My great grandmother and me
These are of my grandfather, grandmother, and father
John Rowena Syd
John, Rowena, and Syd
    Rowena John Syd
Rowena, John, and Syd
Arisa Maru     Arisa Maru Roster
John's name is 9th from the bottom
These are of my father
Homer and SydThe men are Homer White and Syd     Homer and Syd
This is Homer and Syd
Syd CuteSyd     Rowena and Syd
Rowena and Syd
Those frecklesSyd showing those freckles     On bikeSyd on a trike
Senior photoHis senior photo     HeadstoneAt Sunset cemetery south of Coos Bay
A couple of me
My Penny PicTaken at Penney's after my father's death
for my military ID
    Yellow dressMy only horse

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