Team Building Skills

Management Style Attitude Test

Think about these statements and then decided whether you agree or disagree with each statement.

Statement Agree Disagree
1.  I must keep an eye on my employees to make sure they do the work right?                  
2.  Incentives such as bonuses and time off will keep my employees motivated.    
3.  My employees' personal problems will not affect their ability to work.    
4.  I intuitively know when my employees are unhappy.    
5.  Praising my employees would be talking down to them and patronizing their efforts.    
6.  I feel it is important to share in my employees' lives and what they hold as important.    
7.  I welcome suggestions for change from my employees, and I will make changes when there are good suggestions.    
8.  All my employees know what an impact they make to the company.    
9.  There is no reason to share company information with my employees.    
10.  All employees should be encouraged to advance in the company.    

An analysis of Your Answers

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