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Team Building Skills

Difficult Coworkers

We have all encountered difficult coworkers. What makes a coworker difficult is that he or she does not behave in the way you would like. You have probably met others who enjoy working with someone you think is difficult. It all has to do with your perception and how well the two of you "mesh." Each of us has a unique personality, and that is a good thing. Think how annoying it would be to work with people who were exactly like you.

Difficult coworkers often fall into specific categories. See if you can identify anyone from these descriptions:

(Please note that the descriptions below use "he" and "she" randomly. They are not written about specific people I know or hope to meet. There is no sexual stereotyping intended.)

While reading these descriptions, did you identify anyone you know? Did you maybe find yourself in one of the definitions?

Difficult people never think of themselves that way. They behave in the ways they have learned. It is your interaction with them that makes them "difficult."

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Team Building Skills
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