Team Building Skills

Team Member Evaluation

Write in your team members' names (including your own). Use a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) to evaluate each team member. Write the number (from 1 to 10) in the spaces provided. Total each column at the bottom.

Team Member Names            
1.  Contributed helpful ideas towards our project.            
2.  Attended team meetings.            
3.  Prepared at team meetings.            
4.  Cooperated with other members.            
5.  Allowed the group to interact and work together.            
6.  Kept in contact with other members.            
7.  Communicated effectively with other members.            
8.  Understood project requirements.            
9.  Took responsibility for the project.            
10.  Completed assigned roles on time and adequately.            
11.  Worked diligently to help the team accomplish its goals.            
12.  Was an enjoyable person to work with.            

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