Team Building Skills

Project Outline

Here is an outline that may help you with your final project.

  1. Identify the project (overall plan, goals, data needs).
  2. Divide your project into tasks (possibly use brainstorming).
    (Think about whether these are independent or interdependent tasks?)
  3. Organize your tasks (possibly use flow charts).
    (Decide which of these tasks must be completed before others, and which order should individual tasks be completed.)
  4. Identify your team mates attitudes and communication and personality types.
    (Try to identify problems before they become problems.)
  5. For each member of the team, identify personal skills and goals that could be used to complete the project.
  6. As a team, list team goals to be achieved.
    (These could be things such as getting a good grade, pleasing your client, making improvement, learning how to work as a team, or having a good time.)
  7. List the resources you will need and where to locate these resources.
    (These can be people or material objects.)
  8. Work on your project
  9. Meet at least three times to assess progress and address concerns (submit minutes and agendas).
  10. Write report.
  11. Prepare for presentation (visuals).
  12. Rehearse presentation.
  13. Give presentation.
  14. Submit report.
  15. Assess team performance.

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Team Building Skills
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