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Team Building Skills

John Adair's Model of Team Building

John Adair developed his Action-Centred Leadership model during the 1960s and 1970s while lecturing at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. His model combines organizational needs with human need. There are three elements in the model: the task, the team, and the individual. Three things must be accomplished:

  1. The task must be achieved.
  2. The team must be managed.
  3. Individuals must be managed.

To achieve the task means:

To manage the team requires:

To manage an individual requires:

Adair also developed a "50:50 rule" for situations with two means of influence. This rule stated that 50% of the motivation comes from the individual, and 50% comes from external factors, such as leadership. Applied to teambuilding, 50% of the success comes from the team, and 50% comes from the facilitator.

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Team Building Skills
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